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We Are Back On The Road..

After having to cut our Tasmania trip short and having to head home during the peak of COVID-19, we are finally back on the road and in a new... BUS! Move over Walter the Van, say Hello to Bussell Coight the Bus. We have been converting Bussell over isolation and are finally ready to get back out to rural and remote communities around Australia. We love helping others and can't wait to provide Osteopathy and Healthcare services to areas that have limited to no access to healthcare.

We are starting in South Australia and already have a range of towns to stop through. If you or anyone you know of needs our services in any areas of South Australia, or any other state. Get in touch. We love hearing from people all around the country and admire communities who get involved in their healthcare and look out for one another!

We are in self quarantine in a lovely town called Renmark on the Vic/SA border for another 12 days of isolation and taking bookings for some of rural and remote towns around South Australia now. Go to to Book Now.

Providing Health Far and Wide,

Chris, Mandy and Ralph

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